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If you want to give up drugs and alcohol and look for a rehabilitation centre in Punjab, then New change the Life Foundation is the right place. We offer you basic facilities with proper diagnosis and treatment. We have experts who understand patient psychology and deliver treatment accordingly.

What is our process of treatment at the Rehabilitation centre in Punjab?

New life for change foundation offers systematic treatment to heal patients with proper care. At first, we understand the patient's state of mind. Then, offer treatment and diagnosis accordingly. At our rehab centre in Punjab, you won't find any secret treatment. Any of your family members can accompany you in the entire treatment procedure.

In addition, New Change for Life foundation offers counselling to the patients to gather motivation to give up alcohol and drugs.

We follow the following steps while treating the patient:

  • Firstly, we conduct body tests to get relevant information about patients' health and psychology.
  • Secondly, we gather information like how long they have been taking drugs, what types of drugs they consumed, the purpose of leaving the addiction.
  • The next step is to decide which treatment to choose. This entirely depends on test reports and results.
  • These are the steps that we follow while making the diagnosis of the patient.

Many patients come to our rehabilitation centre in Punjab with hope. This is why we're sure of guaranteed results and are ready to accept any challenge and complete it successfully.

Some of the other branches of our rehabilitation centre in Punjab

A new change for Life foundation society turns drug-free. Our only objective is to help people start a new life!

We have a rehabilitation centre in Mohali, Jalandhar, Chandigarh, Ludhiana, Karnal, Himachal Pradesh, Kashmir, Patiala and many more!

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Our rehab centre in Punjab offers alcohol detox and drug detox. In addition, we offer psychological treatment to the patient. There are on time counselling sessions to motivate them to give up drugs and alcohol.

We are the best and most respected rehabilitation centre in Punjab. Our unique programs, Workshops and treatment methods help individuals to get better results at the most reliable prices.

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