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Dealing with addiction is not easy; it is mentally exhausting, physically painful and often leads to anxiety and depression. So, you need to get in touch with our nasha mukti kendra in Sangrur. While dealing with addiction, you need proper guidance, counselling, and behavioural therapies to cope with the change and keep yourself mentally fit and active.

How our rehabilitation centre in Sangrur offer you the best treatment?

Addiction is the absolute taboo of our society. Many people still don't join rehab centres because they fear that their reputation will be spoilt completely. So, we make sure that we offer you complete confidentiality and privacy. No private information is shared with anyone.

Our rehabilitation centre in Sangrur offers you a positive environment so that the patient can learn and grow. At our rehab centre, we make sure that you get the best! We understand that addiction is a challenging phase and an addicted person needs a proper environment to nurture.

There are good yoga and meditation session to keep your physical and mental health fit and healthy. We focus on healthy nutrition as nutrition plays a quintessential role in treating an addicted person.

Our treatment process lasts for 4-6months and is quite effective and efficient. We make sure that our treatment process is painless, and we ensure that your stay over here is comfortable. Our de-addiction centre is one of the oldest and one of the reliable rehab in the area.

Addiction is quite challenging, and sometimes, consistent effort and strong willpower also fail to work when you decide to quit. In such times you need medication and proper guidance, which a rehab centre only offers.

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