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These days it has become pretty common to see young generation indulging with alcohol consumption Rehabilitation Centre in Patiala . Each of the individuals in question has his/her explanation why consume it in the first place. for instance, some say due to the hectic lifestyle and work rrelted pressure consuming alcohol brings the some respite. It is this quick-fix solution mindset that ultimately makes them hard core alcoholics.

We At Rehabilitation Centre in Patiala Treat Alcohol Addiction In A Proper Manner

Irrespective of the reason that has made you an addict, Rehabilitation Centre in Patiala leaves no stone unturned to make sure you can leave this dirty and annoying habit. While they think taking alcohol is solving their fatigued problems, they fail to recognize they are getting addicted. As our treatment approach is a holistic an systematic one, it will enable you to get out of your addiction problem instantly.

Rehab Centre in Patiala Provides You Help Needed To Get Rid of Your Alcohol Addiction

Rehab Centre in Patiala is better known for the initiatives they take. We are well known for putting our words into action when we show you how to benefit from the counseling sessions. During the counseling sessions, we encourage all patients to share their feelings and apprehensions. By providing them an outlet we make sure all their worries and concerns ar addressed appropriately. Our experience team of counselors will give a patient hearing to you.

Get Total Normalcy Back Into Your Life With Treatment Received Fromm Rehab Centre in Patiala

The medical team of Rehab Centre in Patiala is well acquainted in prescribing the rightful medicines to take care of health issues. For instance, if you experience withdrawal symptoms we take care of this problem by making you undergo through a detoxification process. As you get an all round treatment, this will help you to get rid of alcoholism related problems.

Start your new life, free from addiction, with New Change Life Foundation. We are the best rehabilitation centre in Patiala, offering the best services to our clients daily.

New change Life Foundation is an alcohol and drug de addiction centre in Patiala offering high-quality service and a safe environment to people battling against addiction. With addiction come behavioural health problems, so our treatment approach focuses on both addiction and behavioural health.

What treatment our Nasha Mukti Kendra in Patiala offers?

Our treatment process is quite simple and customized for every individual. At first, the patient goes through some diagnosis and assessments; once the check-up is done, there is an appointment with the concerned counsellor, therapist or doctor. They ask general questions like how long you have been into addiction, what kind of drugs you have used and a few more.

After getting an idea about your mental and physical state, our team customize a treatment approach based on the analysis. We here focus on the complete recovery of the patient. This includes healing the mind, body and soul. We have yoga and meditation sessions to help you keep your mind and body fit and healthy.

Along with this, we keep emphasis on the nutritional intake of an individual. We have a nutritionist who prepares a balanced diet chart for every individual. Every week there are check-ups to see the health improvement.

What facilities our Nasha Mukti Kendra in Patiala offers?

We at our de-addiction centre in Patiala have a single room and three-room set for every individual. You can also choose between AC and non AC rooms, vegetarian and non-vegetarian food items.

We follow all the covid-19 and guidelines issued by the government. All our rooms are well sanitized, clean and hygienic. There is a proper temperature check of the staff and doctors.

Your addiction is our concern, and we know how to offer you the best in a cost-effective manner.

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