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New change the Life Foundation is one of the oldest and certified Nasha mukti kendra in Saha. With all the modern techniques and world-class facilities, we have earned a reputation for our effective and committed addiction treatment and awareness.

The fundamental treatment approach at our Rehab centre in Saha

The Rehab centre in Saha follows a 12 step program approach keeping in mind the need of an addicted person.

Evaluation stage

At this stage, we evaluate the entire system of the addicted person. They need to go through a few assessments and diagnoses so that our doctors and nurses can get an idea about their health.


In this stage, some toxins which are easy to remove from the body are removed, and then these harsh chemicals are removed. This stage is quite challenging and lengthy. During this period, medical staff is there to help you 24 by 7.

Psychological and behavioural treatments and counselling

In this section, we focus on addressing the dependency issues of the addict. Our certified and trained counsellors offer counselling to patients, which helps in adopting new changes and behaviour and keeping away anxiety and depression.

After treatment

The most crucial part for any addicted person is to stay away from drugs and alcohol when they get back to their normal life. After treatment, therapies help one cope with this transition, improve and stay strong-willed.

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Our Rehabilitation centre in Saha uses world-class facilities like AC and non AC rooms, space for recreational activities, yoga and meditation sessions, non-vegetarian and vegetarian food variety, and many more.

Recovery is not a one day process; it requires persistent efforts and strong will. So take your time, and we are here to help you.

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