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The leading Nasha Mukti Kendra in Panipat, New Change Life Foundation, is renowned for its innovative and excellent methods for treating drug and alcohol addiction in individuals. We have always sought for the best methods for treating addiction in individuals. The greatest methods for treating alcohol and drug addiction are being studied, analyzed, and put into practice by our professionals.

Our main goal at Nasha Mukti Kendra in Panipat is provision of high-quality care and therapy for those with diverse neuro-psychological diseases.

To help persons with incapacitating illnesses manage their symptoms, live completely, and maintain control over their life, we offer a family-centered team approach. At our Nasha Mukti Kendra in Panipat, we offer comprehensive healthcare options to improve not only the patients but also their family’s quality of life when dealing with these chronic conditions.

Following are the steps taken for the treatment

First Stage: Treatment of the Withdrawal Symptoms :- The withdrawal symptom experienced by an alcoholic includes shaking, sweating, and loss of sleep, irritability, and restlessness. He can manage these withdrawal symptoms with the aid of specific medications.

Second Stage: Maintenance therapy :- Once the withdrawal symptoms have passed, the alcoholic is assisted in long-term alcohol abstinence. He establishes a schedule and practices self-discipline to carry out the tasks required to sustain his sobriety. He engages in self-reflection, begins to make amends for previous errors, and begins to reintegrate himself into his family and society. He eventually starts developing into a responsible and productive person.

Third Stage: Preventing Relapse :- Alcoholics must make multiple attempts before they are successful. Relapses are typical for all habits. A few strategies can help you stay away from a relapse. These are the strategies that the alcoholic uses to abstain from the first drink. He is aware that the first drink is what causes the most harm.

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